Privacy Policy

Spherical Software respect and take our security of our viewers privacy with care and attention as you would expect from a responsible and ethical company.  The website does not store or capture personal information, unless you have entered the information onto an enquiry form or subscribe to our updates such as our newsletter. We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in the UK. We will log the user’s IP address (Internet Protocol: standard allowing data to be transmitted between two devices) which is automatically recognised by the web server.

Information collected is used for our own purposes and we will not be shared with another party. We will use personal information for the following purposes to enable us to function and respond effectively to your needs.


  1. We collect contact information so we can contact you with a response to your enquiry.
  2. We will use all personal information solely to respond to your enquiry.
  3. We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party.
  4. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with UK data protection legalisation.
  5. We use a secure host this website and other related services. This is a robust and high quality secure host. More information about Microsoft's Privacy Policy in particular its adherence to the EU Safe "Harbor" principles.
  6. We carefully selected suppliers to help with the functionality of Spherical Software products. Rest assured we have chosen our suppliers carefully; we would not work with a supplier who did not have a similar privacy policy to ourselves, and who did not respect the privacy of any of our customer data that their systems need in order to help our software work correctly.
  7. If you tick the "Opt In to marketing" checkbox on the registration form/profile page, you may get occasional emails or other contact from us regarding your experiences with or our latest offerings and promotions.

This list is not exhaustive but covers the main points.

More information available to download here: Spherical Software Limited Privacy Notice.

You can also  contact us via our contact form on this website, or by telephone.


The site uses cookies for collecting user information; we use this information for system administration of the website and to improve our service to you.  A cookie is a text file containing small amounts of information which is placed by a website within a computer or device through your web browser; the cookie is subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser. Cookies do not collect information about you, personal information.